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—Harry Truman (1884-1972)

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Courtesy Denis Perron 


2011 Johnson Family Reunion!

We had our annual Johnson family reunion at Durg and Kathy Perron's house this last weekend and it was a BLAST! There was a lot of good food and a lot of good visiting! Rumor has it that Durg and Kathy have agreed to have it there again NEXT year! If you made it, it was good to see you! If you couldn't make it, we missed you and hope you can make it next year! I have posted some pictures that my wife, Penny, took of the crowd on FGN. You will have to log in with your account and a link will appear below this article. Thanks you Durg and Kathy for going out of your way to make it such an awesome event!

- Courtesy Layne Cope, 5th generation, Lou's branch


Old Pictures

Darlene Odenwalder sends: "I have been cleaning up some old files and I found I had scanned a few pictures from Grandma (Annie) and Grandpa (C.P.) Johnson's old photo album my grandmother (Jennie) had.  I would like you to put on the site and see if anyone can identify the people in the pictures."

If you have any ideas or thoughts about who could be in the pictures, please let use the form HERE to me know and I will forward it on to Darlene!



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