We just had a Charles Peter Johnson family reunion, & a few people showed up, but we were not there long enough to visit & relax, to some it may have seemed like a quick stop at Burger King, to get a burger & a drink, then they were back on the road, We need to get better than that!!!!!

Kathy & I volunteered to have the next one at our house, 4 miles west of Hailey, Idaho, We would like to have it August 13th thru the 15th, and we have 6 acres of land, with about 3+ of that able to use as a place to park Motor Homes, Boats, Tents, 4 wheelers etc. and a lot of mountains right behind us to go explore, & Redfish & Alturas Lakes, about 50 miles north of us, & Magic Res. 15 miles to the south.

If anyone would like to come early & stay later, that would also be fine, use us as a base camp for a vacation, just be here for the reunion. I'm Sure we'll have a lot of dutch oven treats & a great time being togeather,

I'd like to get this started early so that plans can be made to be here, & maybe this can be used as a stop in a summer travel trip......Hope to hear from a lot of you.

We used to get 125 for a couple of days up at Camp Manapu, Lets try to get about 200+ here next year!!!!!!! Durg & Kathy Perron

For Those of you Who Know my Mother, Hazel Perron, she just turned 99 last July 13th, and I got her to the reunion at Betty & Lyle Pipers, and next Year, she will be 100 years old, I believe she's the oldest living Johnson there is, and possibly ever has been,,,,,,She just doesn't trust her boy's to make good decisions, so she's not going to go until we do......

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- Courtesy Durg and Kathy Perron