The deeper the roots, the higher the reach


Farewell David Bliss, fourth generation in America, Anna's branch, who passed at home in Joseph, Oregon on November 18, 2011. David was born on December 27, 1939 in Mountain Home, Idaho, second of five children (three girls and two boys), to Rose Myers. David had four children: 'Bill' Bliss (1960— ), Lori Bliss (1961—), Randy Bliss (1962— ), and Donna Bliss (1972— ). David was named after a great grandfather, David Bradley Bliss—for whom the town of Bliss, Idaho is named. David’s great grandmother, Lydia (Miner) Bliss, was the first certified teacher in the Territory of Idaho. David will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

Courtesy—Pamela Bliss, a sister and sole surviving sibling known; Carolyn (Watson) Winchester and Judy (Watson) Myers, first cousins; ‘Kathy’ (Matthews)Potter, a first cousin once removed; Terry Johnson a second cousin; and ‘Layne’Cope, a second cousin once removed.

Doug Griffith, 73, Challis, Idaho passed away Tuesday, May 24, 2011, at his home. Charles Douglas Griffith was born January 22, 1938 in Jerome, Idaho, the son of Nelson and Rita (Myers) Griffith. He grew up in the Shoshone - Gooding area where he graduated from Gooding High School with the Class of 1956.

Doug went to the University of Idaho at Moscow where he majored in engineering. He later received his associate degree from Idaho State University at Pocatello.

He married his high school sweetheart Kathryn Nadine Wilkins on June 28, 1959 in Gooding and two children were born of this union: Doug and Kathy. He went to work for the U.S. Forest Service where he was stationed at Iron Mountain Lookout during the summer.

Doug joined the Idaho State Police force in 1962 and began working at Strevell, Idaho where all the new officers took their turn at the port of entry. After he had attained the rank of Trooper, he was stationed in the Burley, Idaho area for several years, then on to Chubbuck, Idaho. They relocated to Blackfoot, Idaho for the next 17 years and the final site of Challis in 1983 where he faithfully worked until his retirement in 1989, after serving with the Idaho State Police for 28 years.

Once Doug retired, he found time to volunteer as an EMT in Challis for the next six years. While doing so, he ran for the position of Custer County Coroner. He was elected in 1990 and served the community until 2006.

Doug could always find time for hunting and fishing. You could always spot him in his favorite old hat along the river. He made sure his wife, children and grandchildren grew to love the sport of fishing just as he did by taking the time to fish together.

He enjoyed repairing firearms as a hobby, as well as woodworking, making each of the grandchildren their own toy box. Doug was an avid card player, with Golf, and Hand and Foot as his favorites. While in Blackfoot, Doug went to school in Pocatello to become a photographer and even developed his own pictures until the flood took out all of his equipment.

Doug treasured time spent with his family and close friends and will be deeply missed by all.

He is survived by his wife of 51 years Nadine Griffith of Challis; son Doug (Lori) Griffith of Idaho Falls, Idaho; daughter Kathy Griffith and Chris Rossomando of Salmon, Idaho; grandchildren Maggie Larson of Idaho Falls, Zackary Griffith of Idaho Falls, Travis Leavitt of Boise, Idaho, Rita June (Cobalt) Richardson of Challis; great-grandchildren Joshua Griffith, Riley Langley and Chance Langley all of Idaho Falls; sister Barbara (Art) Anderson of Mullan, Idaho; sister-in-law Barbara Lee (Glenn) Arthur of Connecticut.

He was preceded in death by his parents, brother Dwaine Griffith, granddaughter Amy Lynn Griffith and great-granddaughter Denver Lynn Leavitt.

Courtesy Terry Johnson.


Ryan L. Odenwalder Beloved Son & Scholar Our beloved Ryan (27) passed away on April 9, 2010 surrounded by his loving family from injuries sustained in an automobile accident on March 26, 2010 in Orange, CA. Ryan L Odenwalder was born to Gary L and Darlene Hutchings Odenwalder on Oct 21, 1982 in Salt Lake City. Ryan graduated early from Bingham High School, Cum laude from Westminster College, Cum laude from Chapman University School of Law in 2009, where he was Law Review notes editor, an Academic Fellow in Civil Procedure and obtained the highest grades at the University in Land Regulation, Water and Civil Rights. He passed the California State Bar in 2009 and was employed as a legal counsel for Morgan Drexen in Anaheim, CA. Ryan loved to learn, he worked hard to maintain his Merit Scholarships. After graduating from Westminster he worked at EBay for a year and a half saving his money so he could attend law school. Ryan loved music, and traveling with his family, especially to Disneyland. Ryan was a kind thoughtful son who kept in constant touch with his parents and grandmother. We have always been proud of Ryan, in his accomplishments, his integrity, work ethnic and kindness towards others. We know that he was welcomed into the loving arms of his Grandma and Grandpa Gene and Grandpa O. Ryan will always be in our hearts and our thoughts until we meet again. He is survived by his parents and grandmother, Florence Ruddy Odenwalder and many aunts, uncles and cousins.

Courtesy Terry Johnson.

Belated farewell to ‘Gene’/‘Bud’ Hutchings of Harbor City, California, fourth generation in America, ‘Jannie's'branch, who passed February 18, 2010. ‘Gene’ was born September 12, 1929 in Salt Lake City, Utah to ‘Betty’ (Nebeker) Hutchings, the eldest of six children (five boys and one girl). On September 23, 1951 ‘Gene’ and Dorothy ‘Dot’ Manns (born December 19, 1925) marry and have five children (four girls and one boy): Connie (Hutchings) Hieb (1953— ); ‘Ken’ Hutchings (1955— ); Sally (Hutchings) Gutierrez (1959— ); Judy Hutchings (1960—1968); and Wendy (Hutchings) Andruschak (1964— ). ‘Gene’s wife, ‘Dot’ passed October 9, 2010. ‘Gene’ and ‘Dot’ will be missed by all who knew and loved them.

—Courtesy Sally (Hutchings) Gutierrez, a daughter; Terry Johnson, a second cousin; and ‘Layne’ Cope, a second cousin, once removed.



Farewell Caden Stinson, stillborn on the afternoon of April 8, 2009 at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center in Carson City, Nevada. Caden is survived by his parents, William and Kristin Stinson, and brother Andrew of Hawthorne, NV; his maternal grandmother, Tamara Bunch, of Carson City; his paternal grandparents, Andy and Brenda Stinson, Hawthorne; aunt Amanda Stinson, Hawthorne; and uncles Aaron, Shawn, and Seth. Caden will also be missed by many great grandparents, great aunts and uncles, and other extended family members and close friends. Funeral arrangements are being handled by Gunter's Funeral Home in Hawthorne, Nevada. Courtesy Terry Johnson, a great-uncle.


Farewell Anna (Johnson) Augustine (1923-2009), seventh of nine children (five girls, four boys) of Oscar and 'LaVern' (Chidester) Johnson, born on May 1, 1923 in Melba, Idaho and passed on March 7, 2009. She was 85. 'Anne' married (1) 'Eddie' Stephens on July 29, 1939 in Boise, Idaho. They had no children. They divorced. 'Anne' first married (2) 'Bill' Augustine (passed) on July 28, 1947 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 'Bill' and 'Anne' adopted Theresa 'Terri' Johnson (1957— ), daughter of 'Dot' Johnson (1934-1978). Theresa lives in Shoshone, Idaho. 'Anne' wrote The World War II Years in 1991, 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, a short recollection of her time and memories of those days when she, a sister, and mother were Rosie the Riveters on the shop floor of Consolidated Aircraft Factory (later known as Convair) near San Diego. See Family Letter, Spring, 1992, pp. 14-17. 'Anne's passing leaves only three, of 61, surviving grandchildren of 'C.P. and 'Annie' (Bennedsen) Johnson: Hazel (Johnson) Perron 'Lou's branch, a first cousin to 'Anne', who lives in Hagerman, ID; Verna (Johnson) McMillan, 'Vern's branch, a first cousin to 'Anne', who lives in Sequim, WA; and 'Eunice' (Johnson) Powell, Oscar's branch, a sister to 'Anne', who lives in Richfield, ID. 'Anne' and 'Bill' took care of a nephew and niece, Terry and 'Laura' Johnson, when their parents worked winters at the resort in Sun Valley, Idaho. 'Bill' and 'Anne' lived for many years on Mulberry Court in Concord, CA where he worked for the phone company and she worked for Childrens' Services (Adoptions) in Contra Costa County. Photo taken February, 1973 in Grand View, ID, by Sheron (Burghardt) Johnson, a sister-in-law.


Farewell Mitch Humphries (1918—2008), eldest child of eight (four boys, three girls, one infant) of 'Cob' and 'Leah' Humphries. "My uncle, Mitch Humphries, 90, died the 27th of October, 2008 after battling skin cancer for about a year. My dad, 'Chet', has really missed him. He was my dad's oldest brother. His wife and daughter used to come for Christmas every year for about ten or more years when I was growing up. We have lots of pictures of them spending Christmas with us. Mitch was the one who got me my job on the Alaska pipeline. Our family will really miss him." Courtesy Scott Humphries, a nephew.

Farewell Rita (Myers) Griffith, third generation, Anna's branch, who passed on May 30, 2008 in Boise, ID. Rita was born to Charles and Anna (Johnson) Myers at the Myers ranch in Shoshone, ID on February 11, 1916, youngest of seven children (four girls and three boys). She was the younger twin to Rose (Myers) Bliss. Rita was the sole surviving child. She was 92. Rita married Nelson 'Orris' Griffith (1913—1967). They had three children: Dwaine Griffith (1935-1996), 'Douglas' Griffith (1938— ), and 'Barb' (Griffith) Anderson (1945— ). Rita had many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Rita and I are first cousins, once removed. We are both descendants of 'C.P.' and 'Annie' (Bennedsen) Johnson. It has been my sincere pleasure to get to know Rita since I moved to Boise. She faithfully saved copies of Family Letter and Family Gram. I am very proud of our family and especially her. There must be something good in that Little Wood River water! Courtesy Terry Johnson, fourth generation, Oscar's branch.

Farewell Andrea (Watson) Boissé, fifth generation, Anna's branch, who passed on February 24, 2008. Andrea was born to Shirley Watson in 1954, eldest of five children (three boys and two girls). Andrea had three children: Brian Austin (1975— ), Andrea Vincen (1977— ), and Kelli Vincen (1983— ). Courtesy Kathy (Matthews) Potter, a first cousin.
Farewell 'Jean' (Johnson) Brockway, fourth generation, Oscar's branch, who passed on January 14, 2008. 'Jean' was born December 26, 1935, in Twin Falls, ID to Willard 'Bill' (1914-2001) and Dollie (Pantovich) (1914-?) Johnson, second eldest of their three children. 'Jean' married Don Brockway on July 14, 1956 in Reno, NV and they had three children: 'Leigh' (1962— ); Andrea (1964— ); and 'Don' G. (1967— ). 'Jean' and her husband, Don, lived in Murrieta, CA. Courtesy Ted Helt, a brother-in-law. Click here for more.


Farewell Treasure Ruby, sixth generation, 'Lou's branch, who passed on October 4, 2007. Treasure was born August 6, 1995. Courtesy Trudy (Bluemer) Ruby, mother.

Farewell Justin Slotto, who passed on July 9, 2007. Courtesy Julie (McQueen) Meecham, mother.

Belated farewell to
'Pat' (Taylor) Stahl, fourth generation, 'Vern's branch, who passed on January 31, 2001 in Centralia WA. 'Pat' was born January 10, 1931 to Matthew and Vernetta 'Billie' (Johnson) Taylor, second eldest of six children (three boys and three girls). 'Pat's blended family: Michael Stahl (1950—1977), Sherrie Stahl (1954— ), Mark Stahl (1955— ), 'Larry' Stahl, Jr. (1960— ), Sheryl Stahl (1961— ), Linda Stahl (1963—1979), David Stahl (1966— ), and Michelle Stahl (1971— ). Courtesy Jerome A. 'Jerry' Taylor, a brother.


Belated farewell to Ella M. (Ahlborn) Atwood, fourth generation, 'Vern's branch, who passed on September 27, 1995 in Oak Harbor, WA. Ella M. was born in 1935 to 'Ella' Johnson, eldest of four children (two boys and two girls). Ella M. had three children: Earl Atwood (1957— ), Aaron Atwood (1958— ), and Joi Atwood (1959— ). Courtesy Jerome A. 'Jerry' Taylor, a first cousin.

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Farewell 'Dot'. 'Dot' and 'Vern' Humphries (1920—1992), elder son of 'Brass' and Lauretta (Harris) Humphries, were domestic partners. "She had been sick for awhile. The doctor couldn't find out what was wrong." Courtesy Gladys (Humphries) Sorhouet and Melba (McQueen) Reger, a sister and a niece, respectively, of 'Vern'. 'Dot' worked many years for the phone company in Richmond, California before retiring to Boise, Idaho in the mid-1980's. Photo courtesy Sheron (Burghardt) Johnson taken July, 1992 in Boise, ID. Date/place of death unknown.